About Proud & Diverse Cumbria

Glenn Anderson

51 from Northern Ireland

I have been involved in equality and diversity for three decades with a focus in particular of ending stigma within minority groups and the promotion of the basic human right to love whoever you want without judgement.

I am a previous chair of Cumbria Pride for multiple events but I was also responsible for obtaining charity status for the organisation along with funding the very first event as sole sponsor.

I now work to end stigma for people living with HIV on behalf of an NHS partnership organisation.

It is my honour to work with this amazing team to bring attention to equality and diversity issues in the West of Cumbria. I have the great pleasure of co-chairing the committee with my dear friend and colleague Andi Elizabeth Rutherford. Together with our team we aim to bring some vibrancy and colour to Whitehaven this summer and beyond.

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I hope to meet some of you at our events 🙂

Andi Elizabeth Rutherford

I am Andi-Elizabeth Rutherford, a proud born and bred West Cumbrian, a passionate advocate LGBT+ rights and for Equality and Diversity in general, I am a proud member of the LGBT+ community, whom I have represented at both the European & UK Parliaments, and at TUCLGBT+ Conferences. I have in my role as a trade union equality rep taken an active part in promoting LGBT+, and all minorities, I am a fund raiser for the Epilepsy Society, I recently was presented with an award for my work with Home Group and the Rainbow Roofs network

A regular key note speaker on LGBT+ with a number of agencies and companies

The founder and co chair of my employers LGBTQ+ network  and I work with and support several national and local organisations,  and often asked to speak about my experiences, until recently I was a trustee with a “former” LGBT+ charity, a role I gave up to concentrate on forming a new organisation ‘Proud and Diverse Cumbria CIC’ to bring LGBT+ and diversity events to West Cumbria,  I became the co chair of Proud and Diverse Cumbria CIC, along with Glenn Anderson my co chair’ and with a committee who have the same passion and drive to bring this long needed event to West Cumbria

I am an amateur wildlife photographer who is mad about Cumbrian Red Squirrels


Margaret Milne

I’m 69 years old and now living a quiet life with my dog in Carlisle.

I have a number of hobbies but lost my Partner to cancer last year.

I am friends with a lot of people who have different problems in life and when Glenn explained what this was all about I decided that I would like to help people with the Diverse problems that this world now seems to put in peoples way so I am proud to be part of of the journey that we as group are going to make Diverse and Proud.

 Laura Heaton- Sutton

I moved to Cumbria just over 3 years ago from Lancashire. The move happened as I met the love of my life, and now wife Amanda, as I supported her to run the union stall at a local pride event. I have been involved with LGBT+ support and rights campaigning including regional and national work for trade unions and have a passion for mental health and wellbeing. I’ve worked for the NHS for over 10 years and now develop the workforce therefore ensure equality, diversity and inclusion is threaded through everything I do. I love rugby league and have been a Wigan Warriors supporter all my life. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience and knowledge across Cumbria to support others to be proud about the things that make them different.

Amanda Heaton-Sutton

My name is Amanda Heaton- Sutton and I’ve lived in Cumbria since I was 7. I have worked for over 15 years in the NHS and a union activist for just as long. I met my beautiful wife at a pride event and forever grateful for events that allow us to be our true selves. I work hard both in and out of work to give voice and courage to those that don’t always have it or face barriers to speaking up. I have a passion for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and am proud to be a part of this team. In my free time I can be found building Lego, going to the theatre or out geocaching with my family.